Press release    6/1/2017

Singer song writer crafting songs based on a lifetime of personal experiences. A bigger than life past, filled with a passion for living. An ongoing journey well wore and appreciated. A life from Motorcycles to love, joy and sorrow. An existence surrounded by sound of music, poetry and many of life’s blessings.

Verse based on my life experiences, philosophical beliefs. I have tried to regulate my life actions, judgments and utterances by the light of reason. Whenever possible in the time we are given in this life. I assemble everything up into a song and play my guitar in an exquisite prayer. 

MultipointUSA “Beyond the Edge and back” A musical entity based on improvisational guitar used as an emotional sword cutting its way through verse based on life experiences. Razing souls to many different levels of existence in 4/4 time.

Starting again after a forty year break; “Horton Dancehall for Midgets” (1976) see:

MultipointUSA is one person; I write all the songs, play all the instruments, and sing all the vocals, everything that is associated with the music. I enjoy the challenge of writing a verse and putting music to it.  It’s a lot of hard work to find a direction and meaning to a song. It to me has to be real, taken from personal experience or a thought expanded through musical interpretation but real to me.

My main instrument is the guitar; I picked it up again in 2008 after 30 years; a personal tragedy changed my outlook on reality, I decided if I was going to fade away I would do it as an artist. I happen to think the guitar is the most personal instrument ever created. It’s like picking up an emotional sword and cutting away all the bullshit in life. Playing guitar and singing just happens to pour out of me. I then take it and try to make a song out of the emotion.

Creating thoughts in this manner has taken my soul to many different levels of existence. I am very great full for all the personal benefits that music and art has brought to my life. 

I’ve been influenced by many styles of music and many musicians along the way to understanding what I do when playing and composing music. I don’t know what to say other than I think I have my own style when it comes to expressing myself when playing and composing what I call my music. See and hear more for free at / / / / 



William F. Horton



 I was eleven, heard The Beatles on the radio I was hooked started playing harmonica,  paid for my first guitar and I was on my way.  By the time I was fifteen I was being paid to play at school dances, frat parties, country clubs etc. It was the renaissance of popular culture, 1966; the world was changing from black and white to color. The music, art everything that made life worth living was becoming a more open experience.   I played in bands that were invisible and everyone had a good time at the dance, got a good bonus; to bands that were out front and held peoples’ attention, more show like, to Jazz, at this time I was the singer/guitar with very good backup band, country clubs etc.  Started playing the Blues with very good Rhythm & Blues bands, occasionally I could bring the room to a standstill even the kitchen staff would stop;  It was very hard work. Early seventies, made the final round in an audition with John Mayall & the Blues Breakers playing some B.B. King standards, didn’t even know Mr. Mayall was a B.B. King fan. At the same time I was invited to the New Port Jazz Festival that was held in New York City as a Jazz and Blues festival across the clubs in the city. Festival Productions even supplied recording money which was pretty good at the time. Could fill a thousand person hall. 1974-76 recorded first album was jam based Jazz Rock put to verse. Went on to playing Jazz / Rock then to big Jazz Fusion when we would shake the building we were playing in with some good jamming but no commercial interest.

Disappeared from music went on with other experiences in regular life. 2010 picked up my guitar started the process all over again. 2015; had a stroke recovered, learned to walk again. 2016-17;  Recorded new CD, under MultipointUSA “Beyond the Edge and Back” some interest In USA and around the world. Over 30,000 play likes many fans and downloads.  Learned my first album had become a cult classic all over the world and was collected by collectors of music. “Horton Dancehall for Midgets” Some songs are still poplar on internet radio around the world.  2018; Recording new songs to be issued as singles with better results for world audience.  Things are looking good, I am very thank full and humbled that fans like my music.