Outstanding good news: 3/29/2018

A thousand thank yous for your support, in taking the time to being a fan of my music. From the first supporters to the many new fans, your support has been outstanding, it has given me wings I will try to light the sky with positive emotions with my new tunes. It looks like the world is switching to singles like the beginning of popular music. So to that end I will be putting out singles to compete on the world market. This will allow more time to each individual tune and allow better mixes a more professional statement. I’ve already improved my emotional output with my guitar sounds, vocal range and instrumental backup. So when the next single becomes available it will be world class, and when the next CD or whatever comes along it will be outstanding. There’s also a concert video in the mix and maybe some live shows who knows everything is up in the air right now. But this is all due to your support; you have given me a way to express myself emotionally, thank you. One favor I would ask, please send your e-mail address to my web site address at multipointusa@gmail.com this will give me an e-mail fan base so I can keep everyone up to date provide fan oriented downloads, which would include videos, discounted downloads of songs in HD for better enjoyment, other fan oriented material. I will do everything I can do to make this the beginning of a beautiful fan based friendship. To this end my web site will not be available for a short time but the improved services, new site and new music will be worth the wait. Again thanks for your continuing support.


W.F. Horton   

MP3 vs. Wave file:

The recording aspects of my songs are very important to me; these stories are based very closely to the actual experience. This is the reason I write the songs to begin with plus the fact I love creating a song and playing music. One of the major aspects of recording the music is it has to sound acoustically real which has certain physical and musical characteristics. These days based on the digital domain in the computer but it starts off in the physical world.  The performance of the song and the recording starts off and is reinforced with acoustic elements in the physical environment. When you add aspects to the song with recording based sound effects that take it to the imaginary state, the effects help to illustrate the overall performance of the song and create the overall soundstage of the performance. The recording has certain specifications that have to be in place to sound real. The sound stage illusion is as important as the song itself; it increases the overall sound performance and enhancement of the tune.

Recording Realism

The recording starts out as an acoustical performance recorded with professional grade equipment, (>120”db” dynamic range) microphones, preamplifiers etc. then it goes into an analog to digital converter (ADDA) which starts its’ journey to be transformed into digital computer file with certain characteristics. ( floating point ≥48bit/96KHz.) This format maintains the overall realism of the recording. More digital detail the more realism, the recording sounds like the real event.  The data accounted for this could be greater than 125MB for one five minute song more for DVD. This because of certain standards of the recording industry gets mixed down to CD standards which are 16bit/44100KHz. Which is a ≥50-60MB Wave file per song, which is not bad in itself if you try to keep your recording style clean and to the point. (≥24bit/96KHz) Would be better format specification, for overall realism like a DVD recording but that’s’ another story. But the industry takes this to a low of a MP3 file which is a 5-6MB file which basically sucks the life out of the recording, there is hardly any realism left at this format. They do this to save data space in the internet broadcast world. I wish this was different but I dough its’ going to evolve into anything greater, I wish it would it would be a great improvement in audio, a great gift for musicians and music in general.

To this end I would invite my fans and anyone who likes my music to purchase my music in the CD format. The CD has ten times the realism of the MP3 file format. The songs have greater impact, acoustical performance and realism pertaining to the overall musical soundstage and message of the story. They are available at http://www.multipointusa.net  The CD package is in a multiple page full color jacket a high quality CD (recording and physical material) all original art work  by me, information, stories, pictures and poems.

DVD standards

To this end I will hopefully be upgrading to the DVD (≥24bit/96KHz) format and adding a video story in stop action original art work to my music to increase the story’s impact and increase the audio performance to surround sound. This will hopefully increase the entertainment aspect of my work and give my fans and future fans more value to their purchase and to my creative output product.

W. Horton

“Light the Sky”     8/24/2017

I would like to thank all of the people who took the time to become fans of my music. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work and I shall work hard to keep you interest. My motivation has been greatly increased by your support. I now have two CDs’ with a total of eighteen songs, eight old and ten new which can be heard at my web site and all web sites for free http://www.multipointusa.net ,

https://multipointusa.hearnow.com , https://williamfhorton.hearnow.com and also on www.spotify.com etc.

I will also be increasing the number of songs off my new CD on www.jango.com  internet radio.

I have also started a new third CD to be titled “Light the Sky” which was a tune on my first CD, it is to be rearranged and expanded to suit my new state of mind, expanded skill set and production methods. All the songs will be positive in nature to support the blessings in life that everyone needs. It will also be in memory of my son Sean who left this life to soon.  

New CD “Beyond the Edge and Back” is up on the web site free for listening. Distribution is in the mix should continue to all web sites and internet radio stations around the world throughout the month of August. The CD is available at www.CDBaby.com/cd/williamfhorton2  My 40th Anniversary reissue HORTON “Dancehall for Midgets” is also available at www.CDBaby.com/cd/williamfhorton  Available also on MultipointUSA web site are packaged addition CD’s in 24bit stereo with four page cover at $14.00 each which includes shipping.  Thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

W. Horton

Welcome to more new fans, supporting comments, and neucoins on www.Jango.com radio. It makes me feel so great, I am so thankful for your support. I will continue working hard to keep fans enjoying my music. 

Thank you,

W. Horton

My new CD "Beyond the Edge and back"  Is finished, what a journey it has been finding my musical path again.  I still have a way to go but it feels good having a new CD under my belt.  It will be on line August 2017, it will also be available in CD format with a nice original art work presentation jacket.  My sincere thanks to all who have supported me in this journey of musical discovery, especially my wife Carol who has always given her support.

W. Horton 

Blog    7/15/2017

Thanks for all the positive comments; they go a long way in helping me continue my music.

Sincerely yours,

W. Horton

Blog   7/13/2017

I am greatly humbled and sincerely appreciate the support and reception I have received from listeners likes, dedicated on going fans of my music and my new fans who keep signing up with their e-mails every day . This has greatly added to my motivation to stay on my journey in discovering my musical path.  CD sales have also given me the opportunity to upgrade my recording specifications to 48bit /96KHz floating point DSP levels; this affords me broadcast quality and above recording specifications.  Greater fidelity in my recordings so that I can tailor the formats for better sound quality whether they are in 24bit CD quality or down to MP3 format quality and still maintain the overall sound of my music to my listeners. Besides playing and composing my thoughts, the sound quality is the characteristic that moves the overall creative illusion.   Thank you very much for this opportunity.


W. Horton

I would like to welcome all my new fans in the U.S.A. and around the world listening on the internet www.Jango.com. radio. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful and rewarding relationship.

Thank you,

W. Horton 

I would like to thank all my new fans I greatly appreciate your support. I would also like to thank my fans over the years that liked my music enough to keep it alive. My first attempt 40 years ago was music and poetry together stating what was in my heart at the time. I hope my new music will be accepted as a continuation in the same theme that was started so long ago.  I would like everyone who hears my music to continue on a journey with me to see what happens this time.

Thank you,

W. Horton

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