Outstanding good news: 3/29/2018

A thousand thank yous for your support, in taking the time to being a fan of my music. From the first supporters to the many new fans, your support has been outstanding, it has given me wings I will try to light the sky with positive emotions with my new tunes. It looks like the world is switching to singles like the beginning of popular music. So to that end I will be putting out singles to compete on the world market. This will allow more time to each individual tune and allow better mixes a more professional statement. I’ve already improved my emotional output with my guitar sounds, vocal range and instrumental backup. So when the next single becomes available it will be world class, and when the next CD or whatever comes along it will be outstanding. There’s also a concert video in the mix and maybe some live shows who knows everything is up in the air right now. But this is all due to your support; you have given me a way to express myself emotionally, thank you. One favor I would ask, please send your e-mail address to my web site address at multipointusa@gmail.com this will give me an e-mail fan base so I can keep everyone up to date provide fan oriented downloads, which would include videos, discounted downloads of songs in HD for better enjoyment, other fan oriented material. I will do everything I can do to make this the beginning of a beautiful fan based friendship. To this end my web site will not be available for a short time but the improved services, new site and new music will be worth the wait. Again thanks for your continuing support.


W.F. Horton   

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