Cruising Down the Avenue

I guess motor cycles were my first motorized love. But as I moved along in life I just liked fast, great handling cars. I tried many, moving from English then Italian, German and then back to English. I found Jaguar in about 1974, namely a 3.8 liter straight six; what was called a MK II “S” sedan. Without going into all the details I became convinced this car was for me. Great handling, all around comfortable cruising car. A car you never get tired of driving. Given the name “The Lead Sled” because of its tendency of sliding around a turn under power. Needless to say I have driven these cars all my life, now having the last of its breed 1986 XJ-6 4.2 liter sedan. The car took many models but was the same car for over 25 years.

I sit back light a nice cigar put in some good tunes and cruise down the road. I find this very enjoyable, don’t known, don’t care, it makes me feel good. Almost a form of meditation, a simple task to do while I’m thinking about whatever. Life passes by sometimes too fast and to have something to enjoy and make you feel good is actually a blessing, no matter how simple it is. 


Cruising Down the Avenue

©W.F. Horton 11/10/2012

©Multipoint Publishing Inc. 2012

The sky is bright, the air is sweet, my woman is by my side,

And I’m cruising down the Avenue

As we pass on by my cat growls, as I shift into overdrive,

Cruising, cruising down the Avenue,

Down the hi-way the wind is by my side, a sea of solitude,

If the wind could talk it would whisper what I wanted to hear,

We ooze on down the lane

Cruising, cruising down the Avenue,

We travel by day and into the night guided by a distant light,

Our given green destination, high on a hill, and we will see it tonight,

Cruising, cruising down the avenue.


Much to Do

©2012 W.F. Horton / Multipoint Publishing Inc.


The   morning  ___ peaks in ___to see me ____ say __ __  hello ;

Day __ by __ day __  I __  face what’s ___ before me

Good or bad  __ whatever __ needs __ to  __ be  __ done

So __ shine __ on __  me__  shine _  on  _  me ____ till __ it’s __  done

Work  __ your __  magic __  on  ___ my __  soul


Much __  to __ do ___  much __ to  ___ do  ___ Today    2X


Turn and turn ___ the  __ seasons __  pass  

Time __  and  __ place  __ a__ ­­ path __ will __ set__  you __ free

A __ journey __of__ the__ mind for __  you __ and me

The __ best __ things __ in __  life,   __really __ are __ free


The__  blessings  __ of __ a __  loving ____ heart

A __ spiritual  __  companion __ from __ the __ start

Love and __ compassion __ set __ the  __ stage

A bond of  __ spirit __  to fend off __ the __ material __ world

So __  let __ it be  __ you  __ me


A Call in the Distance

By W.F. Horton

©2015 Multipoint Publishing Inc


Echo’s___ ram__dom__ly __  slip into the __the __ tide__

Ripples__ of__ loni_ness __in_ a __place __ they __ hide

Call  in the_distance__ a __ spaceless and __ soundless void

Long __distance__ call__ to my __heart

Emotions _evade __the__ wims__ of __time

Fighting __the__ distance __for what __is __mine

Till __the_ end _of days__ in the _final- point ___of _the haze

I will never__ give up__ the gift__ of my__ days


Call __in_ the__ distance __Long distance call to my heart

Time __slips __ away__ but__ not _to__ fade__ away

Day __ by __day __ keep_ the___ watch

Always ___keep__  the watch__ of_ the_ approaching__ time

For __what__ I do___ I __keep  __ and it ___is_ mine

Sounds __in _the__ distance__ cry __out __to be __heard

A__ journey__ of__ existence__ till_ the__ end

Till __  the end ___of_ days

When__I __can __see __beyond___ the__ haze


 repeat and fade

Your Love takes me higher

By W.F. Horton  4/17/2005

©Multipoint Publishing Inc.



Higher ___  Higher ___                  :|| Take me higher ||:

You take me higher___ with your love


Across the night sky___ A shadow __ of milk and blue,

The goddess of the night sky ___ light  ___ of desire,

Take my hand and dance___  take me higher,__


    :|| Take me higher||:

You take me higher___ with your love,


You’re the wind in my hair___the whispering muse  __ of the mist,

Pounding heart of desire___ rising__  in the passions you sire,


:|| Take me higher||:

You take me higher ___ with your love,


Gazing__  I fall into your eyes___ they welcome my soul,

A journey we begin ___ sets the rhythm __ of delight,

The ying and yang of life___ the gift__  of your love,


    :|| Take me higher||:

You take me higher___ with your love,


Hand in hand __ we travel___  the wims __ of time

Culmination of truth __ and love,__  the destination of souls_ __ locked __in desire, __ take me higher

Take me higher ___ with your love,


Oh My Darling

W.F. Horton   6/9/2013 ©Multipoint Publishing Inc.

Oh __my _ Darling,__Walking__ my__  way

Casting __ your __ spell __ in__ a __ physical __  Ballet

Step  __  by  __  step __  the  __  hi-lite  __  of  __  day

The  __  natural  __  rhythm  __  of  __  your  __  sway

Really  __  makes  __  my  __  Day

Take  __  my  __  hand  __  as  __  we  __  journey  __  into  __  dance


Guitar chorus


Hand  __  in  __  hand  __  we  __ embrace  __  the  __  dance

The  __  burning  __  joy  __  of  __  our  __  romance  __ 

Heart  __  to  __  heart  __  the  __  beat  __  we  __  share

An  __  intimate  __  embrace  __  of  __  a  __  love  __  affair

Our  __  souls  __  float  __  as  __  we  __  drift  __  away

By  __  the  __  thoughts  __  of  __  another  __  day.


Guitar chorus  

Background story for Endless Glide
©2009  W.F. Horton, Multipoint Publishing Inc.

I started with motor cycles in the late sixties, working in all places a motorcycle shop; not many bikes on the road back then just bikers and the police who road the same Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It was very liberating to fly down the road with the wind in your face and endless enthusiasm for riding. I ended up with what is known as a chopper, a motorcycle composed of many parts from different years. The bike started out as a 1936 flat head 80 Harley Davidson delivery bike found in an old tobacco barn under a hay pile. It had been set up for hill climming (Really) Rebuilt the engine using ford truck parts (intake and exhaust valves) and forged pistons out of a Porsche engine, assembled the bike with the motor and transmission in a 1946 knuckle head rigid frame ( no suspension) 1950's vintage wide glide front end with ten inches over standard fork length, eight inch risers and “Z” handle bars (see picture) The bike was a mixture of many parts but it was a pleasure to drive, very comfortable even on long rides. A real mutt but very dependable and fast. In fact it was the bane of many a pan head and late model shovel heads,  after riding with me they brought their bikes in for a rebuild. Being out done by an engine that didn’t quite look right and was able to keep up with their bikes.

A motorcycle comes very close to having a great horse that loves running it’s heart out  first thing in the morning.

In the late sixties things were a little different on the road. Trucks paid little attention to other cars on the road let alone motorcycles. If you didn’t move out of the way they would just about run you over, so with this situation between people in cars not seeing you and the truckers attitude you learned to ride very defensively just to stay alive.
Luckily I was tutored by a retired motorcycle cop from the thirties so the style and defensive moves he taught us seemed simple at the time but when the occasion came up to use these techniques they literally saved my life many times. I only rode in the winter it was just my favorite time to ride early in the morning when it was cold, bright and clean.  At the right speed it felt like you where in the wind and floated on the currents. I had the misfortune one time to go down a patch of black ice I didn’t see, as the bike went down I somehow stood on the side of the bike while holding on to the handle bars, as the bike slide down the road, I jerked the handle bars back as I was told to do, the bike stood right back up I sat down and continued down the road. This was one of the many experiences of riding that slowly formed your riding habits.  You slowly learned the physical nature of the beast so to speak and what it took to glide down the road.  

Thoughts on an Endless Glide ©2009 W.F. Horton, Multipoint Publishing Inc.

The living force of the early morning sun, as it slaps your face. A blissful ride on a ribbon of solitude out into the morning brightness. The greeting of the morning dew as it sits on your face and fades into the burn of the first sunlight. A Baptism of experience in what will become of the day, till the sun sets. Reflections of light that only glistens in the early morning. The sound of the wind against the growl of a two cylinder motor that is still waking up to the winter chill. The mechanical heart pumps the sound, the tune echoes into the mist, the perfect sound. The vibrations set a path both physically and spiritually as you glide into an unknown experience. A simple thought who knows but the ability to use simple actions as means of meditation, feeding your spirit is a different matter. A path opens as you sit into the glide, whether its mystic or not is up to your own musings. The opportunity is there in all the physical characteristics of riding and the solitude of your soul in the wind. The actions seem to give you wings as you ride, thoughts rise and meander as currents carry your spirit, and under a blue sky, time seems to stand still. Emotions flood your thoughts as if you use them as a compass and strike out to a point of uncertainty. Life can seem like the weight of a stone when the illusions of existence sometimes make no sense with the actions you are faced with. Like the steel you ride, you forge your life by the actions you take, the mark you leave on your surroundings, your family, your honor. Acting with the right intentions comes with a great deal of anxiety, its unbelievable that such a simple action as a morning ride can refresh your soul. The moments spent in positive thought reinforce your attitude on the actions you take, and as you fade into the sunset your ride continues into the next level, the ribbon of endless time.

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