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Tell us about yourself and your music

MultipointUSA is one person; I write all the songs, play all the instruments, and sing all the vocals, everything that is associated with the music. I enjoy the challenge of writing a verse and putting music to it. It’s a lot of hard work to find a direction and meaning to a song. It to me has to be real, taken from personal experience or a thought expanded through musical interpretation but real to me.
My main instrument is the guitar; I picked it up again in 2008 after 30 years; a personal tragedy changed my outlook on reality, I decided if I was going to fade away I would do it as an artist. I happen to think the guitar is the most personal instrument ever created. It’s like picking up an emotional sword and cutting away all the bullshit in life. Playing guitar and singing just happens to pour out of me. I then take it and try to make a song out of the emotion.
Creating thoughts in this manner has taken my soul to many different levels of existence. I am very great full for all the personal benefits that music and art has brought to my life.
I’ve been influenced by many styles of music and many musicians along the way to understanding what I do when playing and composing music. I don’t know what to say other than I think I have my own style when it comes to expressing myself when playing and composing what I call my music. See and hear more for free at


Talk to us more about your latest release

The songs are related to my personal experiences over the years. “Come on Home” a blues tune grew up listing to the Blues discovered B.B. King when I was 15 and that was it “Cruising down the Avenue” Driving my old Jaguar with my girlfriend to go out in N.Y. city “Endless Glide” saving my soul riding motorcycles in the late sixties, “Oh my Darling” waiting for my girlfriend to go out Dancing, “Stomping on my Soul” an instrumental tune with horns, a chance to streach my guitar legs “Take me Higher” where love takes you, and how far you can grow through love, “Tearing at my Heart” my son died ten days before his seventeenth birthday, I tried very hard to save him but failed and it broke my heart, and it’s still broken,  “Much to Do” working from sun up to sundown everyday. etc.


What inspired you to write this release?

I love the process of creating verse through experiences and putting this to music. It helps my soul in the process. I’m very great full for the opportunity in life to have a creative process that helps me live in a some what happy manner. There’s so many things that go wrong in life having a way to help in this life is a very good thing.

Any plans to release a video?

I plan to do a DVD of some of my songs in stop action using heavy duty acrylic paint it fits the medium very well (I also paint) they will also be in surround sound (six track) that will give the DVD greater dynamic range and illusion in the process of producing depth of image. And hopefully sell the paintings after.



Any plans to hit the road?

I don’t think so, when I did play live in the sixties I didn’t like it very much.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I bring my experiences in life into perspective for myself and others using verse put to music that I think makes my statement. Forty years ago I put out an album called “HORTON Dancehall for Midgets” you can Google it, I just found out about it one month ago It has become a cult classic still collected and promoted around the world. My new work is better I think, you move on expressing yourself better but I still remain the same, trying to be truth full to myself and express my feelings through verse, music and paint.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I listen to many forms of music from Classical to Big Band to Modern Jazz to rock to blues you name it, if I find it creative, expressive and real in any form I listen it basically, saves my soul.

Tell us about your passions

Music is a big one I also paint, work on old Jaguars, have a good wife, a good family life I basically enjoy life and try to be true to myself and my creative ideas.

What else is happening next in your world?

My new CD still needs more work it keeps me very busy, my DVD also needs work and I still need to promote these ideas

Thanks for an awesome interview, William!

This was unknown to me untill a friend notified me in Dec.2016 I was glad that people heard  what I was tring to say.  


40th Anniversary reissue

March 11, 2014

Mid-70's U.S. release of fairly wired/ existential Free-Form polluted Rock-travaganza w/fevered 'n wailin' tantalo-voice ... imagine Johnny Arcesia strugglin' outta straight-jacket w/ frozen dreams of his coventrized hibernation camp! ... energies all gostly a-loose, eccentrically obsessed w/ the smooth "crack" of the neck of a goose ... traces of Beefheart's Magic Band, goblins cookin' up Hampton's grease, the very bones of hen-trix fermentin' in a joyous jug of disease ...; NOT easy to take ... will grab only if mentally at ease!

Legendary album  among   psych collectors For 1976 this was certainly an odd album - in fact I wouldn't be surprised to see it date back to 1971 or earlier. The band consists of maestro Bill Horton on guitar and a couple of his friends handling bass and drums. Being a private release (and quite a legendary album among psych collectors), "Dancehall For Midgets" has that familiar raw and unpolished sound, which is so characteristic of low-budget hard-rock obscurities - however, unlike most albums of the genre, Horton isn't too keen on simplistic three-chord riffs and 4/4 rhythms. Instead, their brand heavy rock is stuffed with weird Beefheart-ian psychedelicacy - and since the band obviously had a knack for free-form jamming, the album often sounds almost like an outsider's take on "Trout Mask Replica”. Rambling, unstructured guitar improvs is what it's all about - add a healthy dose of expressive vocals (Mr. Horton obviously wasn't afraid of singing out of tune), and you'll probably get the full picture. Sure, the 1976 album couldn't be all like this, so be prepared for a couple of fairly conventional heavy-blues-rock numbers as well - good thing is that they are very few and far between, hence they don't spoil the impression. Overall this is quite a unique and unparalleled document of America's 1970s rock underground. Was it successful or not - please decide for yourself. By Lev Gankine Gnosis2000

Psychedelic acid BluesRock from 1976 (!!!!) with very lisergic atmosphere, sparse instrumentation and very unique madman tenor voice / insane singing. Imagine Capt. Beefheart + Yahowa 13 +  The Fugs + Denny King + Troyka and you'll be close (only close...) to the point.  A strange, very special album not for everyone's taste.