Horton Dancehall for Midgets CD - 40th Anniversary Reissue CD (1976)

40th Anniversary reissue of HORTON "Dancehall for Midgets" (1976) on HD CD 32bit/16bit  Here what you are missing on MP3 files 10 times the Damic Range of a MP3 file.  

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Multipointusa "Beyond the Edge and back again" T shirt - Medium, L, XL, XXL

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T shirt/HORTON Dancehall for Midgets - Medium,Large, XL, XXL

CD Cover Horton Dancehall for Midgets Black and white T shirt HD cotton

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Multipointusa CD Beyond the Edge and Back - HD CD 24bit/16bit

Multipointusa HD CD 24bit/16bit Here what your missing on a MP3 file. Ten times the Dyamic Range of a MP3 file.  Enjoy the listening experience the way is was meant to be heard.

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Multipointusa CDs 2 for 1 - Beyond the Edge and back, and Dancehall for Midgets

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